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Barbara Fraser is an experienced piano teacher introducing both classical and jazz concepts to beginning students, ages four to adult in Southern Maine and New Hampshire. A musician, educator, and trainer, Barbara has extensive teaching and directing experience in early childhood education and school age child care. Barbara brings her sixteen years of classical training on piano, vocals, and bassoon to her piano lessons, as well as her experience developing and performing original jazz material on keyboards and vocals in theater productions, jazz bands, and at her own arts studio in Albany, NY. She has also performed professionally with an acappella choir in Schenectady, N.Y.

Learn to play piano and have fun doing it!  Call 207.793.2103 or 978.790.0378 today and set up your piano lessons!!

What do other people think of Barbara's piano teaching?  Her former music director at the River Tree Center for the Arts, Doug Dickey, says of Barbara:

"Barbara Fraser is a very effective communicator, motivator, and piano instructor ... who builds on her students' natural talents and interests.  She kindles enthusiasm and encourages experimentation while she teaches the basic skills as well as creative composition, performance, teaching, self-promotion, and flexibility....  Based on her fundamental belief in the importance of the arts to every human life, her energy and enthusiasm for them is contagious among children and adults alike....  Barbara is pleasant, cheerful, positive, genuine, honest, responsible, trustworthy, and hard-working.  She is skilled, knowledgeable, inspired, and inspiring to others.  I highly recommend her."

Barbara's Teaching Mission:

  1. To create an exciting learning experience for each student that instills great love and respect for music and the instruments they study.
  2. To develop with the student an increasing sense of accomplishment, confidence, and mastery of their art.
  3. To develop an openness and respect for all kinds of music and give students the basic tools (reading music, chord theory, basics of composition, and improvisational skills) to be able to pursue their tastes as they discover what is out there.
  4. To continually build on what they learn by encouraging students to try new ideas at home and direct their lessons periodically.
  5. To appreciate their instrument as an expressive tool both when performing as well as informally.
  6. To increase self-esteem, retention, focus, concentration, and cognitive development.
Click here to see thank you cards from Barbara's very happy students and their parents.
Thank You Cards from very happy piano students and parents

Barbara Fraser is a fabulous piano teacher who works with all ages of children and adults, and she's looking forward to teaching you and your children!

She specializes in teaching new piano students to read music quickly while learning to improvise and to be expressive.  Professional, excellent training in a fun, enlightening and supportive atmosphere. Barbara develops her piano program by learning what music and style of learning motivates you and your children.

Come to her piano studios in West Newfield, Maine or Kennebunk, Maine, or she will come to your home in Southern Maine or New Hampshire.  Prices generally range from $25 to $60 depending on the length of the piano lesson and location.

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